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Fall 2019 Office of Research Unit Heads Slides (PDF)

This Powerpoint was used to assist department and unit heads with specific information on resources and activities. The presentation includes an overview, SRS Data for FY 2018, OOR Initiatives, Policies and Practices, and much more.

Presented By: Dr. Pat Limbach, Vice President for Research
Presented On: November 5, 2018

Contact Office: VPR


Writing the One-Pager: The Shortest Path to Success (PDF)

Office of Research Development and Support Series that goes over what researchers should do to succeed.

Presented By: Lora Arduser, A&S Associate Professor, Professional Writing and Bob Hyland, A&S Assistant Professor-Educator, Rhetoric and Prof 

Contact Office: SRS


Primer on Facilities and Administrative Costs (PDF)

This Primer is designed to provide background information about Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs to members of the University of Cincinnati community. It begins with a brief history of F&A cost funding, then describes how F&A cost rates are calculated, defines the various cost components used to calculate an institutional rate, and explains how F&A cost recovery provides significant funding for the infrastructure and administrative activities necessary to carry out the University's research programs.

Contact Office: GCC