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Welcome to Office of Research’s integrated and functional portal designed to support University of Cincinnati’s faculty, staff and students. We believe connecting “how to’s” to the “why’s” is important, and key to establishing connections that build and extend knowledge with simple intuitive actions. With this in mind, we have introduced three key features in our newly upgraded website.

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“Smart search” makes it easy to look for a specific document related to Office of Research’s work stream. Plug in search key words and the search engine queries all of our research resources to give you fast and relevance based results that support UC’s research excellence.

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“Dynamic document filtering” functionality makes it easy to focus on select areas of interest and narrow down results as necessary. While working with specific offices, use the ”browse by office“ navigation and find a process driven search on the page. The dynamic filtering should give you results that connect forms to policies and provide you with the right tools such as procedures, training and resources.


“Pinned and Saved” will enhance the user experience by unlocking additional features that can customize the experience leveraging modern web technology. All our users, and power users in particular, are strongly recommend to enable browser cookies.

Launch “Application Tour” for stepping through these features.

Your feedback has brought us this far, help us in enhancing your experience! Please email us with your feedback and ideas.