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How to Form Research Teams - Research Team Leadership (PDF)

This powerpoint goes over all the right questions to ask yourself about leading your research team, Professional Development for all trainees, Support for graduate students, Postdoc Mentoring and much more.

This is the third presentation in How to Form Research Teams.
Presenters: Chip Montrose, Dean of the Graduate School,, and Teri Reed, AVP for Economic Research Development, Office of Research, This presentation is 3 of 3 in a group of documents called " How to Form Research Teams".

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How to Form Research Teams - Team Science: Overview and One Quick Tool (PDF)

Team Science is a collaborative effort to address a scientific challenge that leverages the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different fields. This presentation goes over Team Science, different Communication Styles and CCTST Services.

This presentation is the first presentation in How to Form Research Terms.
Presenters: Amy Diane Short, Administrative Director, CCTST Center for Improvement Science,

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This comprehensive, illustrated manual details basic use of UC’s IACUC protocol management website, Research Administration Portal (RAP). If you are viewing this document electronically, you can click any title in the Table of Contents to quickly jump to a specific section.

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FDA Training Material (PDF)

Clinical research overview for new investigators and information regarding the Investigational new drug/Investigational device (IND/IDE) assistance program.

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